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To have order on the outside you must be ordered on the inside

We are fruit of the ultimate organised mind. I am sure if we caught a glimpse, just a glimpse, of what heaven really looks like we would not want to stay on earth any longer. All the things and places we imagined so wonderful would suddenly appear faded and second rate beside that image. I imagine that our desire to facilitate the process of transition would be heighten if we caught a glimpse.

If we desire to have that kind of order in our life manifest, we too must be ordered and centred

. Our thoughts must be ordered to affect our speech and impact our actions. But it first starts in our mind.

The mind is full of power, it is the powerhouse of everything we do so if we neglect to keep it organised and consecrated eventually things will get chaotic. And that state of chaos will translate into our present situation. And yes, if you are honest as i am, it could get quite messy!

I like to imagine that each of us has a great big space cut out for us in the garden of heaven. Some people might call it our place of dominion here on earth but if we have not taken control over that place why should we expect to in heaven?

If we have been given a seed to tend to, to nurture and we find it difficult to water everyday and pull out the weeds when they spurt out why do we imagine we can tend to a magnificent garden or imagine it would be considered beautiful by anyone passing by.

A thing of beauty requires tending, everything that is beautiful expects attention and passion to bring the very best out of it. We are called beautiful by "the great mind" it is no wonder we desire so much love and attention, love that only He can give and has given in absolution. It is no wonder when we seek it else where we are often disappointed, deflated.

We are all custodians of something precious but the most valuable thing we have is our mind. Its ourselves, our very own being. We in ourselves are precious and treasured beings. Wherever you may find yourself right now start cultivating you!

I always imagine heaven to be a beautifully tended garden with not even a grass blade out of place, neatly kept pathways cutting through vast flowing greenery that continues without end, the most flamboyant lilies floating on quiet riverbeds and majestic looking horses walking by the size of elephants. Buildings of unimaginable splendor! Gates that tower several feet above me disappearing into bright blue skies.

But even that didn't just happen, i had to conjure it up in my head and put away all the cabbage that somehow found its way in there as well. Separation. Same way light was separated from darkness, day from night, heavens from the earth, land from sea. Good from bad. That was the beginning of order.

Just imagine what real life would be like once you got your thought life in order.

Give it sometime and its on the outside.

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