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An appointed time

There are some things about nature that are so utterly healing. Just knowing heals you.

And yes things as simple as watching the sunset can be so calming to the soul, knowing that something so wildly bright and blinding is then settling into a cloud of multiple colors across the sky, slowly ebbing to a yellow glow and then an orange hue in its final descent before being enveloped in darkness.

Its a phenomenon that is the same every single day of our life. The certainty of it is reassuring. Almost like knowing if every other thing fails today I can count on my sunset sitting on my front pouch or my balcony or by my window sill. If everything else fails I can know that those few beautiful moments of reverting color did not even if I wasn't there to witness them.

It settles in my soul, a garment of assurance and certainty.

The same certainty known that a seed planted in the ground will take time to shot out its roots and then spring forth from the earth. It has been busy all the while we just didn't see.

The same certainty that the rain will fall and the birds will sing.

It is all so assuring.

So why aren't we also assured in the seasons of our personal life. Why do we fret and frown over setbacks and being in the valley were the sun is not shining?! I know! It's dark.

But aren't such circumstance a temporary thing? Does the Word not say we are being refined that we may be made perfect and if indeed we are, should we not expect to have some turbulence, some bad weather, some poking and pruning that is uncomfortable and at the same time should we not be joyful as we anticipate the magnificent work that is to come out of it. A vessel, fit for use at every occasion in our Father's house?

So. Count it ALL joy because tears of sorrow give way to streams of joy, a well spring of life watering the nations.

Count it JOY, because the turbulence faced, is nothing compared to the order that is restored.

Count it JOY, because as dark as it may get, the light of our soul shines brighter each passing moment.

Count it ALL JOY, because in our frailty, our Father is still maker of the Heavens and the earth, all of nature. He has crafted us so spectacularly and cannot wait to put His finished work on display for ALL to marvel and say..."There! Look!...what a delightful land."

Be Blessed

"The vision is for an appointed time" (the Book of Habakkuk)

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