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Ekanem Kofi Ikpeme

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My Story

The woman

Ekanem is a woman with great depth, a lover of Christ, an advocate for wholeness and empowerment who is passionate about writing and creating. She enjoys travelling and meeting new people and experiencing new places. She remains enthusiastic about discovering herself and taking other engaging minds along on the journey. She enjoys trying new cooking and baking recipes. She loves cake! She is also a chartered accountant.

The writer

Ekanem’s love for writing began when she was in primary school and although she didn’t nurture it much then she kept a diary for most of her teenage years and in her twenties, she found her way back to journaling by starting a blog called the elegance of souls. Today, she is the Author of The book the painted flawless manual, the art of intimacy and continues to reflect and write through journaling and is currently working on other books.

The podcaster

Her love for writing is the basis of her podcast….every conversation on the elegance of souls is inspired by her writing, reflections on lived experiences, her quiet time with God, art, nature and the diverse cultures, people or challenges we might encounter each day. As a podcaster Ekanem seeks to give encouragement, insight and empowerment from her own challenges and through community and faith.


The mum

Ekanem is a mum of an energetic eight-year-old and they live in Wakefield, West Yorkshire. Being a mum is one of the greatest achievements of her life and continues to surprise and grow her every day. It has opened up many avenues for friendship and networking, one of which is the AM network, a group of amazing mums building community online and in person to support each other on the journey of motherhood and womanhood.

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