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The writer

He dances to the tune of emotions. Logic is a far thing from his field of play.

He captures life as it is, yet transformed. He draws you in.

His world is colourful, bold and fluid strokes move the scene.

But he hardly tells all. He must draw you in.

His words are eternal.

They resonant from the past into the future carrying a truth you can surely relate with.

His world is deep, so deep, you become lost but then you find the treasures beneath.

In the multitude of channels, crossroads and sometimes dead ends the mystery unfolds.

His world is light.

The rumble followed by a flash; each flash maps out a brighter path.

His is a natural lover but also a fighter.

A lover of plots that thicken with time and a series of rhyme.

Sip gently to savour the promised fullness of them.

After all, he is the writer and you, the reader.

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