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Greater heights

That elegant bird sat perched on the edge of the roof top

It had been chasing the wind for miles

Miles of grass, miles of ash, miles of pillow mist

Over miles and miles of treasure so vast

It had been married with air for days

through the interlock of its sacred feathers

opening up to inhale and closing to exhale

But you wouldn't know as it sat quietly there

cooing to its heartbeat and holding wonders so closely

mysteries that truly only God understands

I love that God understands.

Eyes are open wide, unblinking.

Orange and black pools inside the Vermeyen-ring,

search and find night in day and day in night

My unfrazzeled bird had been chasing the wind but by no means diminished

Maybe cos it was born to fly

Doing exactly what it was made to do

Even when it did it for miles unending.

I, on the other hand remain a being, my wings unseen

When I fly I am also made one with elements

Elements that uncouple me, knead me and free me

They have made me crystal clean, I see crystal clear

They take me to heights where I feast with my King

I am only a being, I do not own the physical wings of the birds that prowl the sky

but none the less I too am made to fly fly I most and fly I will, to greater heights with my King.

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