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Does destiny wait for us while we tarry?

Does it generate a furious cloud of dust as it pulls on reigns of running chariots while we sit and contemplate?

Does destiny pause time for our lazy dally?

Does it move its target so man can brag on it?

I don't know.

Destiny is a fortunate found, not seen or known by anyone but the one who seeks it out!

For it is unique to its seeker. The one who wants it even without realizing their own ardent propelling.

Perhaps destiny could only wait if it hears the thunderous sound of your audacious calling.

Your calls haunts it down, seeking it out, keeping it bound.

So I don't think destiny waits but if it did, it would wait for only the bold.

Only the fold who dare to be nothing like any has ever been.

The fold who have inhaled the fumes of deep disappointment and betrayal and wept tears of wretched pain but still dare to try, try again.

The fold whose precious dreams have been desecrated in the tyranny of time but still dared to hope again, to be more again.

Yes, I think destiny waits. Waits for those who dare to want more and after wanting, seeking. And after seeking, ploughing. And after ploughing, waiting. Just as you wait on it, I believe it waits on you. Cos without you destiny would be nothing.

Its deepest fear is that it will not be discovered by you.

Don't give up. Destiny waits!

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