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So Missed

Solo and down in a pit,

Made to grasp at black space in order to find a way.

But there is nowhere to go in a pit.

The circular walls seem to close in

And above looms a foreign darkness, its much safer in the pit you say.

Made to think all that exists is you and this dark empty place.

Your knees, they buckle at the slightest sound

Your ignorance heightens your fear.

Despondence denies you any sense of care.

You do not know why or where you are.


The fear cripples you,

It has done since you let it sip through the dark cracks.

Dark cracks you allowed to infest your once light flooded room.

Cracks that dared to encroach because your eyes roamed from their own business


Or was it your business?

Still your way can be found again,

Your light can be found yet again and then again.

Because no distance needs to be covered to attain it.

It is enveloped in the crevice of your wounded but still beating heart,

Trust it.

In its perfect existence

Fear becomes insecure.

And insecurities become fearful men.

And that dark pit,

Oh! That dark, shoddy pit.

Suddenly fills up with bubbly goodness,

You are lifted by an overwhelming fragrance of peace

And now project an attractiveness that you alone can release.

It's inside, let it out,

Let your gorgeous glitter dust the world around

And let the world reply, "you have been so missed".

Inspired by the movie For Coloured Girls Only.

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