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Toxic coma

My veins must breathe for life to flow

but something got interrupted.

Locked away, lost in my man-made god,

An illusion of perfect love.

A soul struggled through misbelief

While scintillating sparks tumbled down Desire Nile

Over rocks and debris.

The water found a lost identity,

Uniqueness that battled to be permitted.

I could hardly breathe held so tightly.

Seen but yet unseen by a million eyes

Mine became their same captivity yet I would not speak.

World of entangling stupor and pain.

I think I might be sinking.

You bark and then backed me,

That torturous taunt

Again and again assails me

Surely, I could say “no more”?

But frail nerves have disarmed me.

I was bleeding and all they did was stare.

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