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The long rebound

Have you ever made a friend then lost the friend then wondered why you had ever been friends?

Are certain people brought into our lives for a reason. And is it possible that a relationship will abruptly end if it is playing the wrong role in our life? Maybe you tried to tap into the assets in them that weren't available or you tapped in at the wrong time thereby attempting to use them for the wrong purpose which resulted in a bad outcome, leading to the termination of the relationship.

Of this I am sure, relationships are essential. They are the ultimate initiator of supply and demand, they form the net in "networking". And sail the ships in "friendships". And if you lost every material thing attached to your name but you still had a friend. You've got a lot.

What we do or do not do in a relationship influences our individual journeys and some relationships are real hard work. Imagine putting in all that effort into something that could never ever in a million years give you the kind of return the right connection or relationship would. A fork will never slice the meat on your plate as neatly as a knife because it was not made for that purpose. Should be simple enough but it isn't.

So its not just about making the connection i am guessing or about being in a relationship either but being in the right one at the right time for the right reasons.

We as humans with varying personality types we all function differently but we need to sensitise ourselves to the worth of connections we make, their sphere of influence, their impact in our lives and equally our impact in theirs. This may seem easy but its the difficult part, once we have established reason, the rest of that relationship should be "smooth sailing". But don’t forget to watch out for the change in weather. Environmental factors play a huge part in successful relationships.

Relationships are dynamic. And with time comes change . A change in socio- economic factors, spiritual factors, geographically factors etc has a ripple effect on our connections. we ought to be alert and ready to adapt, ready to compromise, ready to legitimise the existing relationships we have. Because they too may need to change or be transformed into something else, something better, for in the same way time has changed the weather, the strengths and weaknesses that bind those relationships should cause them to evolve and be ready for the next phrase of the journey you are on.

And it is possible to have delays along the way because we made the wrong connection, took a wrong turn, neglected to pay attention to sometimes a tiny little detail that erupts into some major catastrophe. But then you could get to find your way back through a short cut, which could be fun or …..really painful. On track, you connect with the reason for your being once more and you aid the journey of others as well. People are waiting to connect with you on their own journey. Doesn't seem right to delay them, it’s not just about you.

I think, you could make your wrong turn a long rebound or a shortcut. Your choice.

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