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It is widely held knowledge that a disability is a physical handicap. And so it is in many situations, many handicaps can be immediately seen but it isn’t only physical disabilities suffered by the human race. An even larger majority are currently handicapped not as a result of a physical inadequacy but more of a vocal limitation created by a continuous debasement of worth not simply as living things but as men who naturally exist at the top of the food chain.

Like an old woman, bedridden from arthritis, the disability has advanced over the years suffocating a livelihood. And even though she spits tantrums sporadically in frustration, her groans are hardly noticed by the rest of the world. They rest of the world expects nothing else from her. But do they hope for more?

She has been ignored and her spits of fire put out just as quickly as they were ignited.

The powers that be, established by the power that forever is, ruling over the affairs of men have also been mute with regards to the apparent devaluation and absent true essence of livelihood of such a people. Feeble attempts to get attention and the proper treatment from corporate giants and international bodies have not surprisingly been futile.

Isn’t this often the plight of a disabled individual? Until....only until they realise they owe the world just as much as the world owes them.

Hence, there will be struggle, there will be a tremendous amount of difficulty and possibly a significant amount of agony in getting the smallest things done but with the right facilities in place there is an ease in accomplishing what needs to be done. There is an ease in overcoming the disability.

That ease needs to be resurrected among these people for in its absence there is a significant loss of advantage. Ease of accessiblity, ease of movement, ease of trade established by the appropriate policies, monetary and fiscal sanctions to ensure existing wealth is disbursed at the right time, by the right people, with the right tools.

And in that ease "order" proliferates through the system. There is an awakening, an acknowledgement of the common good that is being actively pursued.

But let it be known that many a country have walked this same path of disorder, severe socio-economic afflictions and political frustrations, let it be know that their dawn had required a seed to overcome their own deficiencies and handicaps.

Let it also be known they now walk in a new knowledge, strong and free, chosing to sustain the true essence of life by unleashing potential and turning it into a dynamic and diverse network with no geographical boundaries and no racial limitations.

And when they speak, they are heard not because they speak loud but because the world remain silent to hear. Their investments have triggered favour with the rest of the world and they speak and trample on the chains of any concievable vocal disability.

While some enjoy this liberty others endure under the afflictions of the vocal shackles that have been created both within and without.

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