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Teaching to love

Sometimes we go through a process of teaching others how to love us. It could be the most heart breaking experience yet the most liberating, the most honest and noble thing we could do because in that same process we find out who we really are.

I believe our saviour did just that when he walked up Calvary and hung himself on a cross to die for us. He wasn't just saying, "this is how you love" he was also saying, ;this is how you love me". Die to self. Surrender to me. He has shown us what it means to truly love him.

And from that grave event, He became known as the light of the world.

What are you doing today that is causing you to die to self? How r you demonstrating to people you ought to be loved? Is it a painstaking exercise or a walk in the park? I bet you...the more painstaking it is the more love you will reap. The more appreciation when there is realization. Doesn't make any logical sense at all but that's just the truth. Ha!

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