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Real transformation requires a posture of grace. The ability to give it just as generously as it has been given.

I found it difficult to begin transforming myself because my appetite for “learning my person” was almost non-existent, my heart was hardened with wrong perceptions and opinions layered over the years and it took a significant event in my life to carry me to a place of brokenness and need for God’s intentional hand to mould. At which point I yearned for a transformation and I began to receive grace but also learning how to give it just as generously too. I learnt to do this not as a religiously exercise but making it the substance of who I was growing myself up to be which began with the acceptance of my fragile substance. For only then was i able to see the fragility in others.

- The need to know the truth for yourself should consume you because whatever truths or insights anyone passes on to you is borrowed knowledge and eventually questions will rise up in you. These questions you must be in a position to answer to for yourself and to others with conviction – when the knowledge is second hand we struggle to give answers to the questions that arise even within us and the necessary faith required to step out of the comfort zone "seems" unattainable.

- The word of God says if you have faith like a mustard seed you will say to the mountain be moved and it will be moved. It takes just a little bit of faith which everyone can mustard up somehow and the last thing you want to happen is bury it under a pile of questions arising from borrowed knowledge. So seek it out for yourself, do the leg work yourself, see whether it is what it says it is on the bottle. Don’t let what you see or hear around you deter you, remembering that courage is not the absence of fear but the ability to move against the existing fear.

- There are fundamental truths about you,"your uniqueness" as a person, things that set you apart from every single person on this earth and I am not referring to your looks, I am talking about what's on the inside, the things not immediately seen but will contribute to the legacy you will leave behind on earth.

My 3 year old son is often so energetic and i am quietly realizing that is his own special way of expressing his excitement, my son does not get out of bed in the morning like ordinary kids, he jumps out of bed and runs out of the bedroom, he loves the outdoors and loves being around people. Energy I have often called it but recently i have began to understand it is the calling of joy upon his life beginning to manifest itself. Yes, no one i know does joy the way he does it or i sense he will be doing it. It will be his own unique way. And will surely be intrinsically linked to the deepest desires of his heart. That is how wonderfully and fearfully we have been created. For when God was creating he did not simply consider your physical form but the very essence of your soul, the very beat of your heart – TEOS. You will need to hold on to the knowledge of these things with everything in you, never lose sight of them, nurture them every chance you get and use them to encourage yourself and others on the journey.

In the times when the journey gets really confusing and it will, hold on to the things you know for sure you are good at (the things good and true about you) and use them to bless others and even when you get nothing back for it, even when you are mistreated for it, even when your heart breaks for it. When we open ourselves up to this level of vulnerability I believe we access a higher level of grace and there are forces working around us and within us to quicken our journey. At such a juncture of the journey (where things are not quite clear) there is a significant potential for healing to take place within us when we allow that to happen a new sense of assurance comes which is exactly the dose we need to forge forward.

The extent to which we have allowed God to heal our brokenness will be reflected in our every day relationships and essentially what we do in the moments of those encounters, how we present ourselves and our beliefs. And so when we are mistreated by someone it is often a reflection of their own brokenness and when we are blessed by someone it is often a reflection of their own restoration – TEOS.

Be Blessed!

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