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My soul is female - Pillars

Pillars - the first episode from my series My soul is female

Pillars are strong.

The book of psalms says

"Then our sons in their youth

will be like well-nurtured plants,

and our daughters will be like pillars

carved to adorn a palace."

Some of us have forgotten we are daughters, our role as mothers, sisters, teachers, leaders to mention a few has consumed so much to the point of forgetting.

The color or decorations on a pillar pales in comparison to its ability to carry the weight for which it is designed. That doesn't mean the physical attributes don't matter - in fact the physical attributes have been tailored with its purpose in mind, its unique strength and dignity go hand in hand. What the pillar looks like is rather less important than it position and its strength. When we as women are lost squabbling over being seen and therefore how we look, we miss the point, we miss the building, we miss the monumental moments.

The ability to hold weight is often determined by positioning. A woman who understands her position is already influential, she is already seen.

When I think of pillars, I am immediately thrown back to some of my visits to some amazing cathedrals in Europe. Cathedrals big or small are such magnificent structures! Each one crafted to provide a celestial experience permitting you escape from this world to a higher one. You can immediately see the strength and beauty of the buildings but when you first go into them the pillars holding them up are probably the last thing you "properly" notice because they have been made to almost blend with the decorative style of the buildings. When noticed it is rarely for their very important function which is supportive but for the beauty and style the add to the building.

Pillars work as part of an all encompassing support system. So ladies no shame in asking for help and there is so much grace in reaching out to help another. It should come as no surprise that we enjoy our company and the details we love to indulge in when conversing. Women have emotions that need to be processed delicately and it needs to be done in the right space. Just as not every woman you know is called to walk along side you not every woman that is, will look just like you - its about content. The color of our skin, our earthly cultural heritage, our relationship experiences, our physical limitations may differ significantly but the sum of these things and their influence on our soul is what may or may not make us relevant to another woman's journey.

An important fact remains, pillars designed to hold up structures never dwell in isolation. If one pillar falls the integrity of the building is compromised and that is why we most encourage each other, sharpen each other with our words and in action. What we find in the world is women cutting each other down and we wonder why nations are crumbling, leaders are unsure. We find women being forced to act like men or simply not knowing any better because of abuse or neglect and so leaving their rightful positions vacant. When the place of a pillar holding up a structure is left vacant what do you think happens?

Lets consider the story of Samson. This is the story about the strongest man in the bible, if you haven't read it I encourage you to. After Samson had been captured and blinded by his enemies, the Philistines, he was brought out to entertain them in their temple. He asked the servant boy who held his hand to place him ".. where I can feel the pillars that support the temple..." He braced himself between two pillars and pushed with his might. In that one incident, Samson killed more people than he had killed in his entire life when that temple came crashing down.

The statement and the operative word "feel" within it does make me wonder what or who I give access to my "feelings". It makes me wonder about the circumstances my feelings have been predisposed to react to even when I ought to be in control. It makes me wonder about the people in my life controlling my emotions rather than experiencing my stillness.

The delicate workings and frame of the female body continues to be the wonder it is till today not even science has been able to replicate its intricacies. Her frame has been tailored to her emotional disposition. Stillness in a woman's emotions brings in-depth understanding of who she is and what she needs to set about building. A true revelation of who she is remains a sure antidote to emotional anarchy. Pillars are still.

This speaks of the durability of the pillar as well and in many ways the woman is called to endure circumstances only disposition is better able to withstand.

Pillars represent strength that is established by God.

One of my favorites words is the word "establish". It means "to set up on a firm or permanent basis".

When Solomon built the temple for God, he erected two pillars, one in-front, called one Jakin meaning to establish" and the other Boaz meaning "in strength"

A real woman is "clothed in strength and dignity."

A pillar is never in doubt as to why it has been built, it is never unclear to anyone seeing it why it stands where it stands. If it doesn't stand it is not required but as long as it has been forged and stands it is absolutely required. That is how relevant the pillar is to the building plan. That is how relevant you are to the master's plan. Yet there are several reasons why a woman might not think so or perhaps she has forgotten - lets talk about this in the next episode "Violation of her identity".

Bible references

1 King 7

Psalms 46:10

2 Chronicles 3:17

Proverbs 31

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