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His broken heart

I've really been challenged to seek God's own heart in my season.

Particularly concerning "living a poured out life", a life that is not focussed on fleeting, selfish things and I find myself wondering down a path that points me to a people God's heart is set on - they are the afflicted, the poor, those without a voice, those who think they have no hope. I also sense that God's heart is breaking as it aches for them.

Isaiah 58 communicates the concerns of God's heart when we personally seek Him - the oppressed, those mistreated, those who are hungry, those homeless and without clothes, those who need help. That is where God's heart is.

Isaiah 61 confirms we are chosen to reach this same group of people and the reward that comes when we do.

God is truly in tears for the lost, the poor and afflicted.

In the book of Exodus, the Israelites where in captivity. They were oppressed, afflicted and impoverished by Pharaoh. Still, Pharaoh asked the midwives Shiphrah and Puah to kill the boy babies of the Israelites. Shiphrah and Puah did not follow the command of Pharaoh because they feared God so much. As a result, the Israelites continued to multiply and grow strong. The midwives did a great service for God by refraining from the commands of their earthly master and helping preserve his people. The affliction of the Israelites is experienced by so many people today in various forms - human/sex trafficking, domestic violence, poverty, war torn communities, sickness, loneliness etc.. You have been equipped, you have what it takes to meet the need, to alleviate the suffering, to break the chains of oppression and lead them to the truth.

This was God's response to the midwives...

Exodus 1:21 "...because the midwives feared God (with profound reverence), He established families and households for them."

The word established means "to set up on a firm or permanent basis, to put someone or something into a successful and lasting position". That's what God did for these women. He did it because they became the hope for the destitute without the destitute even knowing. The midwives spoke for those who couldn't speak for themselves when no one would speak for them. They helped God make a way of escape for the oppressed. Their help to the afflicted is not in question and the magnitude of God's response to this makes it clear where His heart is concerning the poor and the afflicted. There is a chance to meet such a need in our community, in our world, in our families. There is an opportunity to be a midwife for the Lord. An opportunity that will establish you and yours in this season. Don't miss it. It is a chance to put a smile on the face of your Saviour despite His broken heart.

Be blessed.

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