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He backed up and choose you

Before He chose you He understood the need, a "something" to be done.

He worked backwards from that to the solution.

He backed up to create the solution. If you look up the meaning of the phrase "backed up" this is what you'll find in the Merriam Webster dictionary " to move into a position behind (a teammate) in order to assist on a play". That's exactly what God did when he sent His son - He backed up! Of course He knew you were stuck and He decided to transfer power so that you would know you are a love child NOT a problem child.

He knew of the suffering, He knew of the heartbreak and confusion, He knew of the disappointment and violation resulting in shame. He knew you couldn't figure it out on your own and so He backed up to create a solution. A solution that would multiply to reveal riveting colours and dimensions of His love for us. He backed up to release so generously so when you came alive in Him, you became part of the solution to an earthly problem but also an entity with inheritance in a heavenly realm.

You have been chosen because you hold a solution. You have been chosen because you have a heavenly inheritance that draws on mighty powers unseen to the natural eye.

You have been chosen because there is a dimension of God's love He desires you show off in this world.

You have been chosen because there is no one who could do it the way you would, say it they way you would, embrace it the way you would and no one knows it the way you do what you have been chosen to prove.

So quit laying about waiting to be told why you are chosen. You know why - get up and GO!

He backed up just for you.

Be blessed.

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