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Emerging authenticity

Are we all created to do the same thing or be the same kind of woman?

By the world's standards there is perhaps a particular type of look, an attitude that is found most appealing therefore perceived as more palatable. Is this standard sufficient to keep our purpose fulfilled, to keep us breaming with all the good things that have called us to this life?

Despite the chaos of war, the impact of a fallen world which tries to box the woman in - there is still need for strategy, a semblance of order to the chain of events. Part of that order in a war, is understanding what your position ought to be at any given time and knowing that what you have to offer is just as significant as the next woman.

For every path chosen, there are considerations to be made. Imagine taking the whole decision apart, one stitch at a time and even then we would never be able to fully contemplate "how" the whole episode would pan out but still we must consider. We must scout the land, weigh our personal content and its offerings. Every woman's personal content is different, unique and the things that rapture each heart are equally different and unique but still every woman must consider for it is wise to do so, in order that you do not find yourself wanting when you are half through the process. For the truth is, you are never deficient for the cause set before you but it must be your cause and not another's you are pursuing.

When we think to build something we build with a defined output in mind, a defined set of requirements to achieve a finished product. With anything we do - there must be a considered output. In the book of Exodus, Aaron and Joshua where given precise specifications on "what and how to build" and then God identified the people who would help to do the building. God revealed a significant amount of information first (wisdom and knowledge) and then he revealed the people with the skillset required for the artistic design, for working with gold, silver and bronze etc. God had already determined the men who would do the work which means He had already put the stuff required inside of them. Some of us are in a season where God is revealing things to us that are defining the foundations for the building that needs to go up and we don't always like this because it may seem like a lot of work needs to "go down" before anything can "come up". Let us not take for granted these revelations - I have come to appreciate that what we call revelation is really truth, it has been laying bare for centuries but only made known to us at a particular time because our subconscious has finally awoken to it (TEOS).

There are at least five chapters in Exodus dedicated to giving context and description of what the design of the building/other accessories for the temple would entail before the skilled workers are announced and I don't think that is a coincidence. The definition of the output was clear before the skill necessary for its realization was identified. Sometimes we focus so much on our abilities or appearance as women, we forget to contemplate the "output of the conversation" we are involved in. (remember Eve). Yes, as women we are talented, we are skilled and we are beautiful but not every conversation we are involved in truly allows our unique attributes shine as they ought to or ensure we arrive at the output pre-determined for us.

In Proverbs 13:9, it says "By wisdom the Lord laid the earth's foundations, by understanding He set the heavens in place". Wisdom goes before beauty, it goes before talent or skill "Do you see a man skillful in his work? He will stand before kings; he will not stand before obscure men." Proverbs 22:29. The ability to cultivate our skill requires wisdom. That process enables us to emerge and be seen by the men or women who need to see us.

I think the reason we are sometimes not satisfied or unhappy with where we are is because there are some things we have done without consideration of the end product or output of the activities and even where we might have considered it , it has been done with very little knowledge or understanding. The more we indulge in such conversations, there is huge potential for us to be robbed of our authenticity. If we think we don't have enough wisdom, we just need to ask - ask God, seek answers among good counsellors, trusted mentors and teachers you are close to, in church, in your workplace, at home among your peers or family.

It is key to have both the wisdom or insight as well as taking time to consider the finished product. It is not that we know for definite how to get there but we have a plan and have partnership with God to achieve it but He alone knows the end and we know that the end is good. He knows the parts or aspects of us that need to be changed or enhanced because outside of Him what are we really - dust. It is His spirit in us that quickens us.

When it comes down to who we are as women, there must be understanding of our unique make up in Christ, as part of His body. If He has chosen to make us as we are - surely there is a unique reason and we most lay hold of it when we consider the expected output of our lives.

There is such beauty in the truth that even though all phenomenally different we are all masterfully purposed to - a good expected end, united in the faith, we are created separately but also created to be joined together through uniquely masterfully works. Our particular impulses, emotions, thought patterns, physically attributes are desired for something unique, to fit in a grand plan that was blueprinted before we were born.

When we combine these elements of wisdom, knowledge, skills and uniqueness together consistently and over time we strengthen our identity inwardly and outwardly a signature begins to emerge.

The truth about authenticity is that there is no fear in knowing who we are, we are grounded and confident in that knowledge and it is actually the factor that attracts people to us and sets us apart from any one else so that we can then be properly joined to give a larger mind-blowing interpretation.

I cannot imagine what could be more amazing then stepping into my own authentic landscape desired just for me.

Ladies, I am super excited about my unique landscape and just as excited about yours because together it creates a reverberating work of art. So lets get into the business of cheering each other on our respective journeys as we embrace our uniqueness and emerge into our authentic self.

Be blessed!

Proverbs 31: 16

Luke 14:28 - 32

Proverbs 20:18

Exodus 25:31

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