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Diamonte friendships

I discovered growing up I was always gravitating toward people I found easy to love maybe because they found it easy to love me too. Maybe for some reason they just simply liked me or were attracted to me and there is nothing wrong with that but I think every friendship ought to be tried and will be whether we like it or not.

It is quite possible, the friends that say they find it easy to love you may not be challenging you and so you are inclined to gravitate toward them easily and vice versa. Really you want friends who challenge and stretch you and make you question your paradigms and your behaviours. If your friends don't, they have you in this comfy bubble which is often an illusion of sorts.

When we stay comfortable we are not growing, we are not making any resounding impact in our world, our inner man is not being strengthened. We need to stop crying and start thanking God for people who have broken my hearts, tried relentlessly to crush our spirit, simply hurt us in someway because the reality is - those situations created by those interactions without realising are sustenance to our spirit, they are meat for us, food! Does that make any sense to anyone. God I hope it does. (2 Corinthian 4:16-18)

A real friend isn't only there to cuddle you there must be willing to allow you to be tested in the fire and when you come out on the other side be right there to rejoice with you, sometimes there might even be in the fire with you but don't always expect that cos we all have our individual journey.

A real friend has a strong enough heart and sound enough mind to know the stepping back period of your life and not interfere with what God is doing rather be consistent in prayer over your life.

A real friend tackles those difficult situations in your life with wisdom and sometimes it means showing up at your door with a builder's shovel not a box of tissues so they can help dig with you until you hit gold.

I want those kind of friends in my corner. So don't be discouraged if a friend of yours is a bit hard on you. That friend could take the form of a manager, it could be your most frustrating colleague - the one that always asks the question you never have an answer to. Technically, these individuals may not prove to be a life long friend but the circumstances they create around you incubate your spiritual development. Listen more attentively, look more closely. You could be in league with a precious diamond and not even know. If they are asked they might even say that you are one of those friends they find it the hardest to love but maybe its because they are hitting against familiar surface in you, willing it to reveal its diamante essence..

Be blessed!

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