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Cities - Sought after

In the world today we are all seeking something, seeking to discover who we are, what we are capable of, where we fit in, seeking to find the next best thing, seeking to explore new cultures or people. There is an innate ability or desire to search out things. Proverbs 25:2 says "It is the glory of God to conceal a matter, But the glory of kings is to search out a matter." Didn't you know? You, are royalty and the desire to seek out things, to understand them has been imprinted on you. You better recognise that your inclinations to seek out have been planted by your creator.

The problem with seeking out things is that sometimes we end up down a rabbit hole just running through channels that lead you back to the same places so never really getting anyway, exploring but not finding, moving but not progressing, searching but not reaching.

Our creators plan is that we do find, that we do progress and that we do reach fulfilment

in Him and in each other.

How do we get on the path that leads to the right place? By doing the right thing of course. Its a simple answer but sometimes one of the hardest things to do because either we don't know the right thing to do or doing the right thing would appear to cost us an arm and a leg !

Keeping ourselves motivated to do the right thing can only stay constant where our focus is constantly on the prize. And we must know the prize is well worth it so we need to find it out for ourselves, know it for ourselves and bit by bit it is revealed to our inner man. The revealing of God which is essentially the revealing of ourselves is key to our journey and our growth in Him. The word says that the path of the righteous is like a shining light growing brighter and brighter each day. That brightness is the glory of God being revealed. That brightness is the coming and revelation of the bride of Christ on the earth. That brightness is a collective search for God's will.

The word also says that what we see now is blurred but eventually when there is a face to face encounter with the one we seek we will see clearly and know definitely as we are currently known.

In our seeking we may need many things, definitely a mind that is continuously being renewed, we may have to get involved in missions because we also find ourselves in others, broken as they might be, we may experience a divine visitation like a miracle. All these elements of our journey are part of a great urban experience but unlike any in the world.

No one lights a lamp and then puts it under a table

This scripture is both graphic and comical. In my amused state, I wonder why would anyone want to do that yet that is exactly what we do sometimes whether out of timidity or intimidation or ignorance. Sometimes we do.

I have tried to challenge this in my life and this is what I found out

The instances I have decided to hide my light were because I was focused on the wrong things - instead of seeking out God in the situation I was looking out for myself. I was inward focussed instead of outward focussed, I was trying to take instead of looking to give. I was waiting for tangible evidence instead of taking a leap of faith.

We must learn to choose faith over fear every time and remember it far more blessed to give than to receive.

When we do this diligently there is a reward, the flourishing of our city.

We want people to have the great urban experience by being a part of our lives but that would only happen when we are looking up to the great urban planner and permitting Him to carve out and reveal a delightful landscape from our lives despite whatever we might have been through in the past.

Don't wait for yet another invitation - seek Him now, find him now and be that city of light.

Be blessed !

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