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Cities - Elements of a city, Part 2

This is the fourth episode of City of light, in the last episode we began an exploration into the elements of a city. The next element is called Missions.

Missions: Matthew 28:19 -20 "Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations [help the people to learn of Me, believe in Me, and obey My words]..."

The third element Lynch observed for the physical city he named, districts.

A district is defined as "an area of a country or city, especially one characterized by a particular feature or activity."

There is purpose in our individuality just as there is purpose in our community. As a result of the peculiar we carry, there are people we are most drawn to, a recognition with another that is beyond anything we might understand or see on the surface.

Have you ever tried to explore those attractions righteously? Have you ever wondered why you have those inclinations? This is not about your gift though, this is more about the purpose for which your gifts are necessary


There are aspects of society and groups of people that attract me because I have something to release into that sphere and vice versa, combined, our force, our energy, creates a massive movement. Its the same with missions. Missions inhabit cities and create massive movements.

These movements are so evident in the times we are currently living in but not all movements bring light to a city.

So how do we know what missions we have been called to? For that matter what are these missions? I believe that the missions God's people identify with are the same His son Jesus identified with when He walked this earth. He gave a great commission, in His final departure, which was to go into all the world but before he gave the commission, he walked this earth with the 12 disciples performing all sorts of miracles and wonders - those miracles give us an indication of these missions.

At a societal level, some people have been called to entertainment, some to government, some to education, some to family etc. These are the different aspects of society, missions go deeper than this.

For instance, the people called to entertainment have not been called to simply amuse people but they have been called to heal, to feed, to empower people in that arena. The great commission said go into ALL the world and this includes ALL aspects of society but what makes the light shine is the mission at the core of these aspects of society.

Jesus did not give the great commission until he had finished teaching how it would be done in the Epistles. The missions are:

- The healing mission: He healed of the worst diseases and is still doing that today through many ministries across the world.

- The feeding mission: He feed the hungry. In today world we see many of these missions to feed malnourished children and give them a sustainably livelihood.

- The empowerment mission: He gave insight, knowledge and empowered people to be the best they could be.

- The teaching mission: He taught the truth in love always showing us how to build others up, build other cities and change stories.

- The death to life mission, evangelism: His presence brough instant light, taking things that were dead and bringing them to life.

- The justice mission: He fought for others who were abandoned, alone or wrongly accused. He fought for justice.

Remember, the foundations of the church, the bride, was built on the works of the 12 disciples. They pioneered missions by going into all the world. The foundational missional work they carried out was critical for the bride to stand on and stand out and now we have the task of perpetuating the mission assignment in cities today.

Gifts: Isaiah 60:3 “Nations will come to your light, And kings to the brightness of your rising."

Landmarks were Lynch's fourth element of the city. He described the landmark as "an object or feature of a landscape or town that is easily seen and recognized from a distance, especially one that enables someone to establish their location." Also described in literary terms as "an event or discovery marking an important stage or turning point in something."

Reminiscing on places I have travelled to and particularly cities, i remember what each has given me which no other place has. I remember what I was fortunate to see or experience which I could not anywhere else.

Perhaps you can consider some of the cities you have visited or even heard of? What where the major land marker of those cities? What were the places or historical monuments they were known for? What were the reason(s) you probably decided to visit the city or couldnt leave the city without seeing? In Newyork, there is the Statue of Liberty. In London, Big ben. In Japan, the Osaka castle. In China, the Forbidden city. In Kenya, the Nairobi National Park. In Toronto, the CN tower. In Turkey, the Blue Mosque. In Sydney, the Sydney opera house. In Paris, the Efflel tower and the list goes on and on. Each of these landmarks offers a gift to the observe none of the others can.

Sometimes the reason we decide to visit these cities is because of the unique landmarks that exist within them and nothing else.

In the same way, a mans gift makes room for him, these landmarks make room for these cities in the world today, enabling strength and recognition and sometimes awe.

Statistics confirm the amount of revenue generated by cities as a result of such landmarks is overwhelming, the foot fall alone around these markers speaks of the potential wealth generation, an indication of the increase gifts are able to bring if we cultivate and care for them diligently.

According to the Telegraph newspaper, the Efflel tower generates around 344 billion pounds yearly to the European economy. Before the corvid pandemic, the statue of liberty saw an average of 4.3 million visitors and in 2017 alone generated 263 million dollars for its economy. The forbidden city of Beijing turned 600 years in 2020 and on average welcomes 17 million visitors a year. In 2017, it earned 222 million dollars. These are the physical cities of the world generating attendance and consequently income from their own gifts and some have been doing so for hundreds of years! I wonder what your gift is worth. I wonder the generations is it equipped to impact.

Gifts are meant to be seen so when hidden really does defeat the purpose.

The bible says nations will come to your light, "your light" suggests "your uniqueness".

Wow, we have one more element to cover and I cannot wait to reveal what it is! Join me in my next episode, part 3 of elements of a city.

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