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A Journey called Faith

If we keep faithfully at something no matter how little the action or how protracted the period of time - eventually we will see a change.

And sometimes it might not be the change we expect. Sometimes rather than a change in the circumstance or the people we see a change within ourselves, a change on the inside.

And in the purest sense of it that change births a reward.

I was on the bus the other day and met a man possibly mid 40s sitting at the back of the bus

“Hello!” he said casually as I took a seat opposite him

“Hello” I replied with a genuine smile “How are you? I asked.

His immediate response was an equally pleasurable smile almost like he had been waiting for someone to ask. I was equally delighted to perceive I had momentarily given him some positivity. He launched into this conversation which carried us all the way to his stop where he came off and I stayed on. I am not naturally a talkative person so I did a lot of the listening. And I'll be honest I didn't hear all that he said during the bus ride and I am pretty sure he didn't hear all that I said either because we sat at the back were the engines were so loud! But somehow our conversation was sustained with smiles – almost acting like a beacon- calling us back into the conversation even when I had to ask him "what did u say?" or “I didn't quite catch that?” Or where he had to do the same. Even though it had been a long hard day, those few moments of conversation had shifted my perspective and permeated my thoughts to a more positive one. It had somehow fuelled me with good energies.

The difficulty of the conversation was sustained through the genuine smiles on both our faces. A very little thing but it was continuously and consciously planted and prolonged a slightly jumbled conversation. Sometimes it's like that in our relationships - We hit muddled patches, difficulties or circumstances that are out of our comfort but we should continue to sow consciously whether with a kind prayer, or a word of encouragement or a home baked pie or a short visit over the weekend, remembering a birthday. These little seeds when diligently sown sustain relationship. They may never be the kind of relationship we hope for but we always come away with something good. And relationship is a reward in itself.

God says that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek him. Not of those who have found him - but those who continuously seek him out in every phase of life, in every place, in every joy, in every pain, those who never stop looking out for Him. I think in that one sentence He is basically calling us into a living breathing relationship that means so much to Him, He is ready and willing to pay us for it! That attribute of faithfulness is a quality we cannot afford to do without. It enables us to be changed and it is in the change we are able to recognize the reward. The authenticity of who we are is in our ability to be faithful. It is one quality that truly makes us fiercely attractive to this world. And that’s why it is tagged with a reward because the more people you have relationship with are the more people He is in relationship with. It is almost instantaneous! So be encouraged in your faith walk - you are attracting men to God and God's reward to you.

Be blessed!!

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