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The right combinations

It isn’t surprising that the product of every decision we make in life is propelled by feelings or emotions we might have felt or equally not felt at the time of making the decision.

Sometimes we are influenced by rage or joy, love or lust, greed or compassion. Rarely do we make decisions without an obvious emotion propelling us.

What’s even more interesting is the underlining factor in all these emotions (a strong feeling). A factor apparent in all living species, a factor by which some maintain their very existence. Dogs bark when they sense danger, snails recoil into their shells, cats release their claws, some plant leaves fold up when touched. The underlining factor is “Instinct” (a powerful motivation or impulse) which is usually as a result of external stimulus.

Sometimes our instinctive responses save our lives and other times they actually inhibit us.

“ by instinct and will always respond to those instincts, but thank God we live by making wise choices according to our knowledge of God’s Word. His word says not to give into fear and with help from His spirit we can make the right choice.” Joyce Meyer

To come out with the best decisions not always the most convenient decisions we must first be brave. Doing things even when we are afraid. Our emotions balanced by the Holy Spirit. The Spirit that is a part of the God who created us, the Author and finisher of life, like a portrait he knows the right colours to blend together to enhance our individual beauty, our uniqueness, our originality. Connected with Him through The Spirit we are consequently able to pick combinations wisely so that the product is not washed out or dulled.

The colours are in your everyday choices and decisions. How colourfully are they? Do your combinations compliment you? Do they enhance you? Do your friends compliment you? Does your job enhance your strengths?

To live by instinct alone is not enough, in fact it’s careless maybe even reckless. That’s why wild animals live in the wild (until they are tamed to hear their master’s voice!). But we are “predestined as heirs of the Father” we don’t need to live in the wild anymore. His Spirit will guide us; confirm to us the right combinations and ensure our original beauty is never hidden.

Be blessed!

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