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My soul is female

As a woman coming into your own, an understanding of who you are and your purpose is so important, no, its critical.

It is critical because you are a pillar. Pillars are strong, pillars are supportive and pillars sometimes go unnoticed even though visible. Their purpose in maintaining the integrity of a building should never be undermined.

Many of us women, I have found, particularly within the black community have been "conditioned" to limit ourselves but in the process of this violation of our identity a fictitious burial has occurred. One in which "our personal person" is no longer with us. By personal person I mean the true essence of who we are.

In that forlorn state we have lost our integrity even our accountability to ourselves. It is hard for the world to have faith in anything that remains obscure to them and it is hard for you to be accountable to something that is unknown to you even when it is the real you. In other words, if the real you is unknown, you are persuaded to provide next to no accountability on its account.

It does require courage to facilitate the emergence of our authentic self but with this emergence we can identify the building(s) to which we have been fashioned as pillars to support and to hold up.

What building have you as a woman been designed for today or in this season? What building(s) have you been assigned as your life purpose?

Let's find out in my series "My Soul is Female".

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